El Abrigo Home

The children who are sent to live in the El Abrigo Home by the National Secretariat for Children and Adolescents are children and teenagers who could be living on the street or in places with precarious conditions, exposed to risks such as alcohol, drugs, violence and abuse.

The Home has capacity for about 50 boys and girls. Here they find people who offer love, trust, care, and guidance; and a place where they are protected, educated, motivated and cared for.

SERVOME considers a christian education and the teaching of good values something essential. In the home children learn a different set of values than those one acquires on the streets thanks to devotionals, special activities, and participation in the Emanuel church.

Children up to 5 years of age also attend the daycare and from the age of 6, the PROED School. Teenagers are encouraged to start professional training courses. By law, they can stay in the El Abrigo home until they stop being a minor (at 18 years of age). Upon reaching 18 years of age, youth are given the opportunity to live in a so-called intermediate home for about 3 more years. This assistance is important, because these youth have interests, responsibilities and activities that require other opportunities and a different level of freedom. They can take advantage of their time in the intermediate home to complete their professional training and learn to become independent.