About Us

The Mennonite Voluntary Service (SERVOME) has existed since 1951 and is located in Asunción, Paraguay.

It is a Christian and social action organization, a joint work of the Mennonite churches that make up the Paraguayan Evangelical Mennonite Association (Asociación Evangélica Menonita del Paraguay or AEMPy).

Our motto is “The love of Christ motivates us” (based on the verse of 2. Corinthians 5.14) and our work reflects our biblical principles. Currently SERVOME is present in six different Areas of Action. The volunteers who arrive to serve God and others do their service in the different Areas.

Unidos con la Asociación Evangélica Mennonita del Paraguay (AEM-PY).

United with the Paraguayan Evangelical Mennonite Association (AEM-PY).
Mennonites are a community that emerged in Europe at the beginning of the 16th century, as part of the Protestant movements that pushed towards putting their faith in Jesus Christ alone and in what is found in the Bible, the Word of God. They endured many hardships including persecution. Today Mennonites are scattered throughout the world. Some arrived as refugees in Paraguay, a country that welcomed them with open arms. They settled mainly in the Chaco region, where they started life again with close to nothing. There, with effort, faith, and the aid of many, they managed to establish and develop a home.

As a way of giving thanks to God and also to the country that accepted them, Mennonites began to seek and create ways to help people who were experiencing difficulties.

In 1951, the first volunteers began to build what is now the Km 81 Mennonite Hospital, which cares especially for people with leprosy. It was the beginning of the Mennonite Hospital Km 81 and at the same time of the Mennonite Voluntary Service. Currently both institutions have grown and function independently, as social action projects of the AEM-PY.

In 1957 work began with volunteers at the Neuropsychiatric Hospital of Asunción (currently known as “El Puente”) and in the following years more fields of service were added.

Currently SERVOME is active in various fields. The volunteers who arrive to serve God and others do their service in the different action areas, each with different objectives and approaches:

– In the area dedicated to work with children, called “Center for Comprehensive Childhood Training”, we have 3 Action Areas: a daycare (Emanuel), a children’s home (El Abrigo) and a school (PROED)
– In the area of “Social Impact”, we have 3 other Units: a rehabilitation center (El Puente) for people who need psychosocial care; Emergency services (IMSE), which works together with churches in places affected by disasters; and a thrift store (Dorcas) that sells used clothing and accessories received as donations.

In addition to the action areas, SERVOME has a dormitory for volunteers and an administration office that makes sure everything works in an orderly fashion.

When offering help, we rely on 3 stages derived from the biblical story of the Good Samaritan: 1st, provide first aid to people in situations of social vulnerability; 2nd, help them get out of their harmful situation; and 3rd, train them to achieve autonomy.


Provide help, in the name of Jesus, to people in need so that they can lead a dignified life.


Glorify the name of Jesus Christ through the development of efficient models that achieve social change.

Our Focus

Decent treatment

No violence

Environmental care

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