Since the beginning of SERVOME, volunteering has been an essential part of the institution. That’s where the name comes from (Mennonite Voluntary Service). In the beginning, SERVOME functioned as a mobilizer of volunteers. Now, the volunteers mostly do a service in the different areas of action.

Volunteers come from spanish-speaking churches, churches from the mennonite colonies, and from abroad through exchange programs. They come from different backgrounds and stay for different time intervals as well. Some participate in a single action, others stay until they complete the hours required for the conscientious objection, others stay for the summer, and others stay for years.

Most of those who stay longer live in the dormitory where their character is formed through teamwork, devotionals, seminars, conversations, and living with people of different personalities and cultures. Here they receive support in their academic studies as well as spiritual growth through various opportunities to deepen their love for God.

The Volunteer unit offers special training called “SERVOME Discipleship.” It’s goal is to help volunteers grow spiritually and gain a set of tools they can count on to face life’s challenges.

Volunteering continues to be an excellent opportunity to put God’s commands and love into practice. At SERVOME the volunteers experience an exemplary demonstration of God’s love toward one’s neighbor and the world.